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Luigi's Mansion 2D: Eternal Night is a Metroid styled fan game of the popular game series known as Luigi's Mansion, where you go through various rooms, clearing them by vacuuming up ghosts in order to save Luigi's brother Mario. This game was originally created by a MFGG (https://mfgg.net/) user known as Shadow Kami and is being revived by TheHappyFaceKing after its unfortunate cancellation

Wiki article: Luigi's Mansion 2D MFGG Wiki

I post development updates for LM2D on my YouTube channel. 

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(44 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action, Platformer
Tags2D, Demake, Fangame, Ghosts, luigi, nintendo, Retro
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Luigi's Mansion 2D Area 1-3 + Coop 41 MB
LM2D Area 1 & 2 Demo (OLD) 34 MB
LM2D Slow down Fix Test (OLD) 34 MB

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We NEED a Mario button!

Luigi's Mansion wouldn't be complete without one

also do you ever plan for controller support??

The game already has controller support

Having an issue with the flashlight going too far. Anyone who can help?

Where does outdoor.ogg and outdoor2.ogg come from? Are they original compositions for this project? I really like them

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outdoor.ogg is Phantom Forest and outdoor2.ogg is Into The Darkness both from Final Fantasy 6 

Jow in the Bosfight  with the  Security Dude, when i Jumped and the cutscene started i was falling in infinity 

Hey any news for Linux or macOS support?
Xinput is a huge pain same as Wine.
Probably just exporting it to Linux from the engine wouldnt be very hard?

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The engine only supports Windows. In order to support other platforms I would have to port the game to a different engine which would be an enormous endeavor. It is something I can definitely do later down the line, but for now, the game is stuck with just Windows.

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I'm super late but I love it!!


make for linux

the only issue i have is with the flashlight, it sometimes goes too far or too low depending on where you're place

Yeah, having it too. Did you maybe found a sloution for it?

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Super fun game, you can see a lot of work and care went into this. I've only finished the first part so far but I'm looking forward to play the rest. Keep up the good work developer, it's one of the best fan games I've seen so far!

Here's my video for anyone wondering what it looks like in action : 


What engine does it use? If I could be of any help, I would gladly do!

Late to this but i have a feeling it might be game maker studio or game maker studio 2

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found another bug lol. if you start the scale puzzle in area 3 and don't finish it and save then reload the game it crashes and pops up an error every time you go back to the weight puzzle,it softlocks you might say otherwise it's completely playable

for contrast im playing the
Luigi's Mansion 2D Area 1-3 + Coop  V1.9.1

also is my save toast or is there a way to fix this error XD

will say that other than getting stuck without a way to get out lol. i was playing with my friend who is bad like really bad at platforming games lol. we certainly enjoyed it and it was quite nice to see how the game worked. not quite a copy of the OG Luigi's mansion but a close copy of it for sure in 2D form which I think was interesting

we ran around underground a few pipes here and there, and then we piped into a bathroom and well got stuck underground. a glitch and bug I'm sure but just wanted to let you know

i have a question, i have a usb generic controller and before the area 3 update i can play with this controller, later i dowload this update and i can't play with my controller, can u launch a patch? thank u very much friend :D


This build only has support for XInput right now. Your controller uses DInput. You can use an emulator such as XOuput to use your controller in the game.

:0 i will try thanks man


Can you add a playable web version? I don't have a windows computer or linux.  or maybe add a mac version?


try wine, it can let you play windows executibles on a mac


Wine doesn't work. I've tried it MANY MANY times. (sorry for late response. I don't check my inbox


this is really funny cus its called wine

when will the rest of area 3 be out in LM2D?

I really like this game. I may not be a Luigi's Mansion fan but i really enjoyed playing it. The fights were interesting, the Music and Graphics also perfect. The Tutorial came at the perfect time. The only issue is the lack of hearts you get. You need to dodge most of the times. I made a video if someone is interested. 

this file is acting malicious towards my computer and I don't know why

The game is compressed which can create a false positive. just click run anyway

when will area 3  be out

no what was happening was my hard drive died and couldn't run the program so i thought it was the program but it was my hard drive
I lost all my data because my hard drive failed

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please add a arm64 and  x86_64 linux  ( debian based , archlinux based , redhat based )version or source code and compilation instructions  

otherwise its a good  demo of what luigis mansion would be like if it was in 2d but i dont use closed source operating systems  and wine does  lag quite a bit 


sounds like a you issue. not a windows user issue XD


Also from f3. Looks great

I saw this in F3 and thought it looked awesome! After finishing the demo I can say it was even better than I first thought! Can't wait to see more from this! If you are taking feedback then it would be nice if there was a persistent UI element that showed which element you had selected, like maybe just a small icon above the health. Bogmire's fight is extremely loud, compared to the rest of the game. It would also be neat if the 1-up mush had text that told you that it increased your max health, like how the poltergust does.

das Fanspiel ist mega gut aber hab eine Frage

wo ist das Eis Element? ich finde das nicht und ich suche schon 2 oder 3  mal die ganze Map  ab. danke schonmal falls mir wer antwortet

Hello. I really like this fangame, it's really good! I would just like to make some suggestions. In the original game, you could view the small ghosts (golden ghost, purple puncher, ect.) and the boos in a painting. Maybe you could add something like that? Another suggestion is that you add the trash can ghost, you know the one who throws banana peels around? Anyway, great game, and keep up the good work. I can't wait for area 3!

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Hello there, can i ask a little question? What kind a tileset using in underground location? I really need it. Damn good fan-project by the way.

I'm surpised yet happy that this was a game i played! I love the luigi;s mansion series so thank you for bringing this game back! 

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HUGE Luigi's Mansion fan here. Playing this on my MAC. Good lord, this is fun. Just incredible work! If you can ever get an option to click a button and have Luigi call out for "Mario!" it would be the cherry on top.

Is there any way to convert this to a ROM to play in a SNES emulator?

Something like this sadly can't be ported to a system like that. May I ask, what are you using to play on MAC?

Just finished the game!
I have like two bugs to report but even with those, this game.... WAS A FREAKING BLAST!
You could say it...."blew me away"
Bad puns aside, the only bugs I found were:
1_The game literally crashing when too many items are on screen (too much cash after finishing a boss, or too many particles) but it could just be that my device is a bit on the low end, maybe you can add an option for turning off all particles but I guess that would ruin the game.
2_This is something I just experience and it isn't much but I should probably report it.       When using the Ice skill on the skeletons in the last area, if they happen to be throwing a bone when you do it both will freeze, that isn't the bad part in fact this is pretty good, but when the ice melts off the bone it stays in the air with an hp of 0, it went away when I tried freezing again however, so it's not too big of a problem.
Overall I really, REALLY enjoyed this, I'm serious when I say that I have a folder full of games and was still bored and uninterested until I tried this game.
Thank you for the hard work, and thank you for reading.
P.s: if you decide to add languages I would love to help you add Arabic.

Hey great game so far! Still on Area 2, but have a bug here,  when fighting Jarvis, his text kept popping back up, which started  before the fight, Not sure if it's a flag or switch not turning off correctly, but that's my bug report here. Aside that everything else played smoothly and looking forward to getting through the rest! Great job again! 

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Thanks! And, if you can record this phenomenon and link a video, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hey not a prob! And I shall, as soon as I get back to that point. I have another bug to report a pretty major one. partly why I'm starting over XD. If you accidently hit new game, it will erase the current save data. I think how you guys may have the game set up is to save upon ini during loading a room, for events and such, which in turn, erases the previous data. 

I think to help stop that from happening, is to have another value store location info beside the ini, and  unless the player talks to the save event call to the value which will overwrite  the data. But other than that, the value that is to store the ini data, wouldn't be messed with so anything stored in that value shouldn't change upon loading the game or starting a new game.  I'm not sure how helpful it could be, but that helped me out when keeping loaded data without it all being erased at the start.  It might also help with the remembering and resetting of positions of foes on maps, because when you exit a room, the ghosts are right in your face if you had like ran out the room lol.  So there's some major ini stuff happening with it. When I get to the point again, I'll be sure to send a video about the Jarvis text bug. Woo game bug hunting for the win XD.  I hope this helps a little more!

Well I couldn't replicate the Jarvis text bug, everything seemed to work after getting up there, but I did find a bug with the flash light after vaccuming. It would only turn back on, if you held down the button, but just simply tapping it, makes it completely stop, and you'll have to manually switch it back on. 

I'm currently playtesting with TheHappyFaceKing, he's ready to release the demo!

The Area 1 & 2 Demo doe's not work for me

You need to go into the files to start the game, after having it converted. Then, just highlight all and launch, I think.

Looking at the game again, I feel that the Plant-ghost-thing is probably too hard to be in the first mansion, especially with the changes that have been made. Hearts aren't exactly easy to find, and it doesn't help that the hearts have been removed to replace fireballs at certain moments during the boss. I feel that you should probably regain your hearts on death as well, because I remember at one point I was stuck on 6 hp for a long time. Other than that, the game's still great.

You're playing an outdated version of the game.  Try the Area 1 & 2 demo.

I did.

if you return to a room, you'll find that all the furniture has reset. you can farm hearts this way.

Oh, thanks.

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This is AMAZING!!! Also does anyone else think that it would be amazing if elh made some sort of appearance in the game, even if it's just a minor easter egg appearance (ie a background element or inanimate object or on a screen in Egadd's lab)?


That IS a good idea.

Love the new demo so far, but man, this game is BEGGING for controller support.

That's true.

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hey man, I'm the guy who sent you a message  11 days ago. , I just want to show you some of my work. there is this clown guy,  I took all the inspiration from the original mansion toy found in the sleeping girls room. finally, elh.

*note: the pixels won't look that good when you view them like that, if they are viewed on paint or aseprite, they will look way better.

thanks , I hope you like them.

some creepy clown guysome elh dude

mode multiplayer local online

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Hey man. I've seen that your game might need some extra members from the Mario Fan games Wiki site. 

-https://wiki.mfgg.net/index.php?title=Team_LM2D#Revival_Team - And I really like the thing you and your team are doing. So I'm really interested in it, and I want to support you by doing some graphic sprite designs. I hope you accept.


What are you supposed to do in that room after the skeptical plant?  Thanks in advance!  AWSOME GAME!

It's the end of the first demo, there's nothing to do after that point besides mess around.

Aesome game

Will this game ever get the full version? It is AMAZING and i wish there were more levels

He's working on it.

is there any checkpoints

No, but you can save by talking to Toad.

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