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Luigi's Mansion 2D: Eternal Night is a Metroid styled fan game of the popular game series known as Luigi's Mansion, where you go through various rooms, clearing them by vacuuming up ghosts in order to save Luigi's brother Mario. This game was originally created by a MFGG (https://mfgg.net/) user known as Shadow Kami and is being revived by TheHappyFaceKing after its unfortunate cancellation.

Demo Features:

  • 41 different rooms to explore.
  • Many different types of ghosts to fight.
  • 3 bosses.
  • Tons of different collectibles to find.
  • 5 powerful elements to help you conquer the terrors within the mansion.

Wiki article: Luigi's Mansion 2D MFGG Wiki

I post development updates for LM2D on my YouTube channel. 

Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, ghost, luigi, mansion, mario, scary


LM2D Area 2 Demo V1.0.2.zip 29 MB
LM2D Demo V1.6.2 28 MB


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This is AMAZING!!! Also does anyone else think that it would be amazing if elh made some sort of appearance in the game, even if it's just a minor easter egg appearance (ie a background element or inanimate object or on a screen in Egadd's lab)?

Love the new demo so far, but man, this game is BEGGING for controller support.

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hey man, I'm the guy who sent you a message  11 days ago. , I just want to show you some of my work. there is this clown guy,  I took all the inspiration from the original mansion toy found in the sleeping girls room. finally, elh.

*note: the pixels won't look that good when you view them like that, if they are viewed on paint or aseprite, they will look way better.

thanks , I hope you like them.

some creepy clown guysome elh dude

mode multiplayer local online

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Hey man. I've seen that your game might need some extra members from the Mario Fan games Wiki site. 

-https://wiki.mfgg.net/index.php?title=Team_LM2D#Revival_Team - And I really like the thing you and your team are doing. So I'm really interested in it, and I want to support you by doing some graphic sprite designs. I hope you accept.


What are you supposed to do in that room after the skeptical plant?  Thanks in advance!  AWSOME GAME!

It's the end of the first demo, there's nothing to do after that point besides mess around.

Aesome game

Will this game ever get the full version? It is AMAZING and i wish there were more levels

is there any checkpoints

No, but you can save by talking to Toad.

how do i beat the third ghost that emits stars in the room after mr luggs?

Use the fire element. Press "1".

I love the game! It's one of the best I've ever seen! The ghosts are well-programmed and the puzzles are a bit TOO complicated. I got stuck in the bathroom. But still, this is amazing! I wish Nintendo would plan a 2D Luigi's Mansion sometime!

I've found a bug where Luigi will go behind the plant boss and instantly take damage until you die when he gets too close. Maybe fix this in the next update?

Anyway, I hope the next update will be released soon! I've already completed both of the demos so far, so it would be nice to see what the next mansion will be like, prison and all!

THIS GAME IS AMAZING! I guess you could add that you have to tap repeatedly on the key board in the opposite direction for people to feel more satisfactory when sucking a ghost. This game is really awesome and i wish the best of luck to you in the future

Loved the game, although I wish health drops were more consistent because I was running low towards Jarvis (Even after harassing every piece of furniture up to that point)

I absolutely loved my time with this game keep up with the good work!


This was great! I'm a huge fan of Luigi's Mansion, so when I saw this I instantly downloaded it. The game transitions surprisingly well to 2D, and there's many references to the original Luigi's Mansion in this. Some room layouts are similar to the original, and it even has cameo bosses (that need to be defeated in new ways). Props to the developer!

its cool but the ghost sucking play doesnt feel very good, it feels really off... i cant describe it

I guess that's true

i really love it i never play the original 3D but the 2D looks really good i just found annoyoing that we can lose health really easy...but that ok

i just Played it again and i would like to know what is the Music that Plays at the Final Boss of the Demo? Because i f*cking Love it




This is a very good game, only problem is that I can't figure out how to change the screen size, if anybody knows how please inform me, thanks in advance!


You can change the screen size in the options menu below load

In addition to that, you can also use ResizeEnable  and resize the window manually. What ResizeEnable does is, it sits in the RAM and forces all windows to let you resize them. That was already useful to me a few times, in particular the reason I downloaded it was Metroid Nexus. I'd expect LM2D to scale with the window size.

tienes la version 1.6 vete a options,screen,pon 3 y listo 

Loog's House of Spooks in 2 dimensions


how hard is it to make this Game?

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Rushing me is not going to make it come any faster if that's what you're asking. Anyway, i'm not working on the game at the moment because I've been very busy with other things. If you're wondering about my progress in Area 2, it's about half way done.


no no i just want to now how it is to make this game. Im not saying "make it Faster"


this game is beutifual and its awesome

i give this game 50/10


Will there be controller support? (I have A PS4)


Yes, but not anytime soon.


Thank you very much! I'm excited for the full release of this game! (even though I played it on a very old but fine laptop)


When's the next update going to come out? 

hi i made a account to comment on this because HOLY MAMA LUIGI this is AWSOME i love the custom ghost sprites the nod to super mario RPG the custom boss against the plant the new elements everything is just AMAZING i want to tell you to NEVER STOP developing this, you are destined for greatness this game has so much potential and im deffinitly going to be subscribing to your YT so i can stay up to date and again NEVER GIVE UP

Can you make a multiplayer version? also this game is THE BEST GAME EVER.


This game is really epic.


Love the Idea ! feels alittle floaty but if you worked out the kinks and added a few things here and there i could see it being a legit nintendo game! awesome job! 


I loved this demo! Can't wait until the full version is out!

this game is very good soon i will gonna make a video about this game just for halloween and im gonna use my gamepad :D


This game was absolutely amazing and a fairly faithful recreation of the first Luigi's Mansion, and honestly since I'm so blown away from how good the demo is, I can't wait to see the final game once it's complete. Everyone should play this.


Thank you very much! :D

It's true!

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I tried reinstalling, and it still wouldn't work. Always the same error, "

action number 1
of Create Event
for object obj_game:

Error defining an external function." and I can't figure out how to stop the thing. It really sucks cuz this game looks really fun. I'll try restarting and comment back if it worked.



Can't start the game ... it shows me an error every time .. even after redowloading ! what should  do now ?


this is the error : 

action number 1
of Create Event
for object obj_game:

Error defining an external function.



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Hate to bother you with a silly question, but will it ever come to Mac?

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That depends if I can find a mac to export the game onto.

Oh, ok, thanks for replying so soon.

Is it made with Clickteam Fusion? I have all the exporters and a Mac

It's made with Game Maker

Vous avez fais ce jeu avec seulement game maker ?


Will wine run game maker games?

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I downloaded the game but I never saw it on  my Pc....what do I do ;-;

When you downloaded it did you click "Save as"?

I pressed download but it instantly started to download...

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If you're on google chrome drag the downloaded file to your desktop or click it.

did you look in you downloads? to be more specific, did you go in the downloads section in your files?

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